It's Giving Season and the Visitor Studies Association could use your support!
We ask you to take a moment and read this message from VSA's Board of Directors.

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VSA offers opportunities for professionals and students to further hone their skills through webinars, webchats, book clubs, and virtual networking.

The Visitor Studies Association (VSA) is a membership organization dedicated to understanding and enhancing learning experiences in informal settings through research, evaluation, and dialogue.

We help researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, organizational leaders, and funders advance the field of informal learning.


The Visitor Studies Association (VSA) stands in support of #BlackLivesMatter and strongly condemns the senseless acts of violence being perpetuated against the Black community. We condemn all acts of white supremacy, racism, fascism, and nationalist extremism, designed to threaten the very foundations of democracy, and commit to supporting a just, equitable, democratic society. It is our goal to promote informal learning centers as places of safety, hope, and peace for all by listening and responding to the voices of visitors and community members, including and especially people of color and marginalized communities. We support equity, inclusion, and racial justice in all of our communities and across the world.

We Need Your Expertise!  

We seek workshop leaders from a broad range of fields to present sessions that are lively, interactive, and offer participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills in studying or enhancing the experiences of visitors in a wide range of institutions. 

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