VSA offers opportunities for professionals and students to further hone their skills through webinars that address specific topics under the direction of a skilled presenter. Many of our webinars are organized in collaboration with the Association of Science Technology Centers (ASTC). These webinars address challenges in our field and provide helpful resources and strategies relevant to a wide range of practitioners. Many webinars provide opportunities for audience engagement, and all webinars provide time for participants to ask questions of the presenters. Members of both VSA and ASTC receive discounted registration to these events, so consider joining!

If you have ideas or suggestions for future PD events, please let us know at [email protected].

Upcoming Webinars

Culturally Responsive Visitor Studies: An Interactive Workshop with Dr. Katrina Bledsoe - Wednesday, February 12, 2020; 3:00pm - 4:30pm EST

Join the Visitor Studies Association (VSA) for an interactive webinar focusing on the considerations and potential challenges relating to cultural responsiveness within the evaluation process. Dr. Katrina L. Bledsoe, a leader and expert on issues surrounding cultural responsiveness and equity-focused evaluation, will present this virtual workshop, providing examples from her professional experience. Participants will work together to think about how evaluators and informal learning professionals can identify and address the culture and context that exist within the evaluation process. Participants will also have the opportunity to think about how they can integrate cultural responsiveness into evaluation practice. The webinar will utilize presentation, large group discussion, and breakout rooms to:
  • Discuss the terminology, definitions, and personal perspectives surrounding Culturally Responsive Evaluation
  • Examine a case study evaluation project from a cultural responsiveness lens
  • Develop an evaluation plan that considers the needs and perspectives of various stakeholders
  • Share and compare ideas from small group discussions
  • Reflect on the case study as a whole, paying attention to how culture, context, and equity are addressed
Participants will also receive additional resources to further learn about how to ground their practice in culture and equity.


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 Registration includes related materials and resources, as well as exclusive access to archived webinar recordings. Registration is limited to 100 participants on a first come, first served basis.


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The Visitor Studies Association provides access to webinars to ensure its members and other industry professionals have access to continuing educational opportunities.  If you have particular topics that you are interested in presenting or learning about, please let VSA know.


Past Webinars

All webinar attendees receive access to the webinar recording as part of their registration. You can also gain access to most webinar recordings by paying a $25 fee via the ASTC website.

Key Ingredient: Recruiting, Training, & Nurturing Volunteers - November 8 & 15, 2018
This two-part webinar dives into strategic approaches for successful engaging volunteers - from recruitment, to training, to long-term management and growth. Lead presenter Fran Mast of the Shedd Aquarium brought her years of experience organizing volunteers to provide practical advice and answer the concerns of participants. Many of the techniques and resources shared via this webinar are relevant not just to research and evaluation volunteers, but volunteers in a number of fields and organizations.

Keeping It Real: Tracking the Duration and Allocation of Visitors' Time in Exhibitions - April 27, 2017
Beverly Serrell, one of the foremost experts and literally the woman who wrote the book on Timing and Tracking, led this interactive webinar that provides an introduction to timing/tracking methods. Webinar participants engaged in hands-on use of these methods by walking through an imaginary exhibit, providing data, and observing techniques for analysis using spreadsheets, histograms, scattergrams, and heat maps.

Representing Diversity: Advocating for Inclusive Development and Evaluation - February 25, 2015
Including diverse perspectives is a critical component of strong evaluation, whether you are examining the impacts of an educational program, or any other type of learning experience. This webinar provides guidance on planning for an effective and culturally-responsive evaluation and also examines the costs of not taking diverse perspectives into account.

Back to School: Techniques and Tips for Evaluating School Group Experiences - September 24, 2014
This webinar explores concrete ways to evaluate school group visit experiences to institutions of informal learning (such as museums, zoos, and aquariums). The methods discussed are designed to get the most valuable feedback possible.