2019 Virtual Conference 

Want to attend the VSA Conference, but are unable to do so in-person this year?

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Registration includes digital access (using Zoom):

  • Opening Plenary
  • 10 sessions to choose from across Thursday and Friday
  • Ask questions of the presenters
  • Chat during coffee breaks with other At-Home Attendees

We encourage group participation— feel free to invite your colleagues to join you at the office for a “viewing party.”

Registration Fee:
Members - $100
Non-members - $200

Other benefits:

  • Go Green! Emit almost no carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
  • Save on travel and hotel costs
  • View quality content on topics of interest to the field of visitor studies
  • Network with colleagues virtually

Streamed Sessions:

Thu July 11

Room 1

Room 2

Session 1:
10:45am - 12:00pm

Human Health Changes Associated with an Experience at a Zoo
Amy Niedbalski

Studying touch as way of knowing in the art exhibition
Dimitra Christidou, Palmyre Pierroux

Ways of Seeing, Ways of Understanding
Luise Reitstätter

Seeing through Multiple Lenses: Bridging Indigenous and Western Evaluation Worldviews
Jill Stein, Shelly Valdez, Nicky Bowman

Session 2:
1:45pm - 3:00pm

Incorporating experts' narratives into STEM inquiry programs: Assessing family learning
Sue Allen, Kim Koin, David Uttal, Kimberly Sheridan

Stronger Together: Building Institutional Capacity and Cultures of Evaluation
Brooke Rosenblatt, Matthew Lasnoski, Pei Koay, Jessimi Jones


Fri July 12

Room 1

Room 2

Session 3:
10:45am - 12:00pm

Evaluation as a Catalyst for Equity
Cecilia Garibay, Swarupa Anila, Diane Miller, Laura Huerta-Migus

Studying Visitors' Exhibition Experiences in a Virtual Reality Environment
Palmyre Pierroux, Rolf Steier, Anne Qvale

Designing and evaluating soundscapes in virtual reality exhibitions
Jøran Rudi

Social Learning in exhibitions - Mind Your Brain! exhibition
Kati Tyystjärvi, Heidi RosenstrÃpm, Marilla Kortesalmi, Kari Halme

Session 4:
1:45pm - 3:00pm

Comparing Evaluation Methods From Midwest to Middle of the Ocean
Erin Tate

Challenging Front-End Evaluation to Study Challenging Topics
Cat Scharon

Using Museums to Promote Cultural Identity Among Yemeni Students
Marion Tate, Navaz Bhavnagri

Becoming Renaissance Evaluators: The Expanding Role of Evaluation Beyond Galleries
Stephen Ashton, Megan Goeke, Rita Deedrick, Sarah May

Session 5:
3:15pm - 4:30pm

Cultural Organizations Breaking Barriers: Leveraging Partnerships to Create Informal Learning Opportunities for Underserved Youth in Santa Fe
Kathleen Doll, Mollie Parsons, Shannon Bay

Shared Measures for Evaluating Common Outcomes of Informal Education Experiences
Amy Grack Nelson, Karen Peterman, Ryan Auster, Alex Lussenhop