Upcoming Topics

VSA offers opportunities for professionals and students to further hone their skills through webinars, web chats, book clubs, and virtual networking. Virtual learning offerings address a variety of topics in our field and provide helpful resources and strategies relevant to a wide range of practitioners. These offerings provide opportunities for audience engagement, and provide time for participants to ask questions. Members of VSA receive discounted registration to these events, so consider joining!

If you would like to make suggestions for future Professional Development topics, please contact [email protected]. For technical assistance accessing the hangout, please contact [email protected].

** All fee-based web chats will be recorded. Those recordings will be sent out to registered participants after the session (both those who joined live and those who did not). The slide decks and chat messages shared during the live session will not be made available since they should be interpreted within the context of the speakers’ presentations. Participants during the live session do have the ability to save the chat to their devices.

VSA Workshops

I See What You Are Saying: Techniques for Qualitative Data Visualization.

December 2, 3:00pm ET ┃ 12:00pm PT


Join the Qualitative Visualization Web Chat hosted by the VSA Data Visualization and Reporting Focused Interest Group (DVR FIG). Special guest and data visualization specialist Jenny Nulty (of Pivot Data Design) will cover common approaches to qualitative visualization and answer sticky questions about ways to help word-heavy data shine. We’ll discuss what works well for different types of data and messages and how to break up blocks of text with color, spacing, and graphics. See real-world examples of qualitative ‘viz in action from members of the DVR FIG. Come ready to discuss and prepare to have your eyes dazzled!

Taking Stock and Moving Forward – Reflecting on Our own DEAI Practices

December 14, 4:00pm ET┃ 1:00pm PT

VSA Members: Free ┃ Non-Members: $5


This past year has continued to be one of renewed reflection and examination as many museums and informal learning institutions grapple with their role in perpetuating systems of power, racism, and oppression, as well as their ability to help shift narratives and engage the public in critical conversations around racism, justice, equity, and inclusion. This has included launching or reaffirming efforts to support DEAI (diversity, equity, access, and inclusion), as well as justice and belonging, creating spaces for critical conversations, producing or revamping diversity and equity statements, and/or creating cross-institutional DEAI committees or task forces. This webchat, part of the quarterly VSA DEAI webchat series, aims to support a year-end conversation to take stock of where we are on this journey – as individuals, organizations, and as a field – and what we need to commit to in the coming year to continue this work.

Lightning Tool Share: New Tech Tools for the New Year

January 6, 2:00pm ET ┃ 11:00am PT

VSA Members: Free ┃ Non-Members: $5


Let’s kick off the new year with some tech tools to fuel our work in 2022! If you’re having trouble getting back in your work groove after the holidays, here’s a chance to get energized with colleagues while talking about some fun tools to make visitor studies easier. This is an engaging, fast-moving web chat where we aim to cover as many tools and strategies as we can in one hour. Our hosts will kick us off with some of their own tips and resources, and then we’ll turn it over to you. Each participant is strongly encouraged to bring one thing to share, whether it’s an instrument, an app, a lifesaving Excel formula, or anything else that makes your life easier.

Participants will be asked to briefly describe their tool and take a few questions before it’s on to the next one. Links are appreciated! By the end of the hour, everyone should have a wealth of new ideas and an expanded toolkit. A complete list of resources shared will be sent out to participants following the chat.