Visitor Studies Professional Self Assessment

If you are unsure about where to start in determining your plans for professional development as a visitor studies professional, it will be helpful to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and interests at this point in your career. Download and print the self-assessment form and fill in the provided table to get a sense of your current professional strengths and those areas that you would like to strengthen. Use the rubric in the document to assess your competencies.

Once you have an idea of your current professional profile, identify ways you would like to strengthen your knowledge, skills, and abilities in the various visitor studies competencies. Establish a professional development plan:

Step 1: Determine your learning goals. What do you want to learn in each of the competencies?

Step 2: Establish a time frame to accomplish your goals.

Step 3: Identify learning opportunities for each competency. Consider readings, courses, workshops, internships, work experience, and volunteer work.

Download the printable Self-Assessment Form

Download the printable Evaluator Rubrics