Meet the 2020/2021 Student Scholar Recipients

Student Scholarships are awarded to up to three students and/or recent graduates who have made efforts to gain experience with visitor studies and hope to learn more about the field.

Due to the cancellation of VSA's 2020 Annual Conference, the following Student Scholar Recipients will be recognized at the 2021 Virtual Annual Conference.

Brianna Durkin Headshot

Brianna Durkin

Brianna Durkin was selected as a 2020 VSA Conference Scholarship Winner. As a recent graduate of the Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis Museum Studies Master's program, Brianna enters the field with a passion for data and a determination to create educational opportunities for people of all abilities. She hopes to utilize her knowledge and work in visitor studies by amplifying the voices of visitors to those who create museum experiences and collaborating with exhibit and program developers to make museums more accessible spaces for all. She is excited to attend the conference in order to meet like-minded individuals and continue her own education by learning from experts in the field who are devoted to diversity, equity, access, and inclusion.

Morgan Romero Headshot

Morgan Romero

Morgan Romero graduated from the University of Washington Masters of Museology program in June 2020 with a focus in museum evaluation.  She believes that being a 2020 VSA Student Scholar will help her become a part of the discourse for how evaluators can most effectively listen to their diverse audiences.  She is most interested in using the information and network she gains from her involvement in VSA to explore the most innovative trends in the field in order to best advocate for evaluation’s continued use in museum spaces. She hopes that she can use her time as a Student Scholar to position herself in a career as a museum evaluator.

Renee Hoffman Headshot

Renee Hoffman

Renee Hoffman, who received her M.A. in Museum Studies at the University of the Arts, was selected as a scholarship recipient for the 2020 VSA Conference. Her master’s thesis research focuses on how museums in the U.S. can incorporate languages other than English to forge mutually beneficial relationships with their local heritage-language speaking communities. Prior to entering the museum field, Renee was an ESL teacher for five years, first working with adult, multinational language learners in the United States, then middle school and high school students in Madrid. She looks forward to further considering how the museum field can increase the presence of languages other than English as a strategy for broadening access and inclusion.

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