The Visitor Studies Association (VSA) is a membership organization dedicated to understanding and enhancing learning experiences in informal settings through research, evaluation, and dialogue.

We help researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, organizational leaders, and funders advance the field of informal learning.

VSA's Diversity Statement

The Visitor Studies Association believes in the worth and dignity of every human being and is committed to honoring this belief in all its endeavors. VSA strives to build an increasingly broad membership that reflects the richness of human diversity. As a demonstration of this position, VSA seeks to contract and collaborate with organizations and institutions that share and operationalize this commitment. Approved May 28, 2015

Fostering Transparency, Strengthening Public Trust

Join VSA in Chicago, Illinois, July 19 - 21, 2018, for the next conference! The Visitor Studies Association is partnering with the Association of Midwest Museums to offer a wider variety of sessions and opportunities. VSA and AMM invite our respective memberships to work together to answer critical questions about how, across a range of accountabilities and circumstances, we can fulfill our institutional missions with renewed perspective, rigor, and courage in order to strengthen public trust.